Lompat Si Katak Lompat [6 gambar]


  • Seorang lelaki berpakaian kuning akan berlari dan melompat diatas sekumpulan bayi dan terus melompat ke bayi yang seterusnya.
  • Ini merupakan kepercayaan agama di utara Sepanyol.
  • Kenapa perlu buat begini? Jawapannya, untuk menyelamatkan jiwa bayi-bayi tersebut.
  • Lelaki yang berpakaian kuning ini digelar El Salto del Colacho atau Lompatan Syaitan yakni dia umpama syaitan.

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How to Breed an Arowana [7 photos]


Arowana is a freshwater bony fish.

Arowanas are considered “lucky”, especially by those from Asian cultures.
This reputation derives to the Chinese dragon.

The large metallic scales are feature shared by the Chinese dragon, and the large pectoral fins are said to make the fish resemble “a dragon in full flight.”

  • The male and female will swim side by side and they will rub each other as they swim in circle.
  • After that, they rest for a few minutes before another round of courtship.
  • This courtship ritual will end with water splashing.
  • The duty of the female Arowana is to lay the eggs. She declares her duty done, and swim away to look for food. She will let the male Arowana fertilizes the eggs in the mouth.
  • The babies will stay in their father’s mouth for forty days.The male Arowana will stop eating completely for one and a half months.


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